DIEGEM, 6 November 2018 – HighMind offers data-driven solutions that support organisations in their efforts to define and realise their data-driven future.

Since the successful takeover of The House of Marketing in 2014, Quanteus Group has grown systematically. As an innovative player in professional service provision, it is determinedly working on the expansion and diversification of its portfolio. As such, one year ago BrightWolves was introduced to the market. BrightWolves focuses on the implementation of (digital) business transformation in strategic, organisational and operational domains.

HighMind will concentrate on data deciphering and connecting the associated business challenges with the technical and technological reality of its customers. This new entity will be headed by Nicole Berx and Elke Horrix. Both have an impressive professional track record as well as a true passion for finding data-driven solutions to a most diverse range of issues.

Quanteus Group is thus responding to the growing data challenge which every organisation is facing today.

Nicole Berx “Data is the new gold. It is a valuable business asset which, even when present in abundance, is not always easily exploitable. You must first explore the data, process it and translate it into useful information before you can reap its rewards”.

An additional challenge is the ever-escalating technological progress, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, which enables very advanced solutions to complex business problems. HighMind will offer these solutions besides others that will help organisations to develop the full potential of their data, always taking account of their strategic ambitions and possibilities.

Elke Horrix explains, “All too often, the mistake is made of immediately thinking in terms of tools and technology, without first thinking more strategically about the business issue which needs to be solved. The latter is exactly the point from which HighMind will always start out

A significant difference between HighMind and other players in this market, according to Kris Vansanten, Managing Partner of Quanteus Group, is the fact that HighMind can rely on the various entities within the Group  “Since data is omnipresent in organisations and runs through all the functional domains, we intend to position HighMind separately. The big advantage HighMind has is that, being part of Quanteus Group, it can always call upon broad functional business expertise in areas where our customers are often faced with the ‘war for talent’. Various partnerships have also been set up with very specialised technology parties.”

Quanteus Group intends to follow this path with determination, emphasises Evelyne van Wassenhove, Group Partner. “The launch of HighMind is the next important step in our ambitious growth plans, enabling us to offer large and medium-sized Belgian companies broad and in-depth service provision and effective one-stop solutions across all the important functional domains, as part of our mission to help companies bridge the gap between strategy and implementation.”

About HighMind

HighMind deciphers data and connects the associated business challenge with the technical and technological reality of its customers. HighMind offers solutions to develop the full data potential of organisations while taking account of their strategic ambitions and reality.
HighMind is part of Quanteus Group.

For more information, go to: www.http://www.highmind.eu/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/testimonial-1-1.png.eu

Contact: nicole.berx@http://www.highmind.eu/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/testimonial-1-1.png.eu or elke.horrix@http://www.highmind.eu/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/testimonial-1-1.png.eu

+32 2 704 91 61

About Quanteus Group

Quanteus Group is an innovative player in professional services, helping companies with targeted and differentiated advice as well as with the building and implementing of solutions, based on the ambition to help companies to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation. The companies within Quanteus Group all uphold the same values and place a strong focus on sustained customer orientation, the realisation of actual impact and added value, and the supply of the right functional expertise at the right time. They all possess profound functional and sectoral expertise and combine a clear understanding of business reality with their capacity to build and implement solutions.

The group currently has more than 100 permanent employees and consists of five entities:

  • QuantIM provides access to an exclusive network of senior Transformation Management Officers for the support and pragmatic implementation of company-wide transformation programmes
  • BrightWolves offers flexible, effective support with the execution of (digital) transformation projects
  • The House of Marketing offers strategic marketing consulting and interim management
  • Upthrust offers digital expertise for impactful projects, and temporary experts who can bridge the gap between marketing and IT
  • HighMind deciphers data and connects the associated business challenge with the technical and technological reality of its customers.

For more information go to: www.quanteusgroup.eu

Contact kris.vansanten@quanteus.eu or evelyne.van.wassenhove@quanteus.eu

+32 2 704 91 61

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