We offer data-driven solutions that start from your business goals and are built to fit your technical capabilities.

HighMind is there for expert advice, integrated solutions or ad-hoc operational support. We can help you at each step of your road to full data maturity.

If you are only taken your first steps in data-driven decision making or you are ready to experiment with the newest AI tools, no matter what stage you are at, we can offer you the required guidance and support.

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Data Strategy

Ready – set – go!

The value of data has evolved tremendously over the past 20 years, however few companies have adjusted their approach on how to capture, share and manage corporate data. Data-driven decision making can only be successful if it is based on a clear company-wide data strategy. Where do you stand today, where do you need to be tomorrow and what are the steps you will take to achieve your goals?

  • We perform a data-driven maturity audit to get a comprehensive company-wide overview.
  • We establish together with you, your core data strategy team.
  • We draw your current data maps (if they are not yet available).
  • We define you end-goal.
  • You inventorize the data-driven solutions needed to reach your objectives.
  • We build you data strategy roadmap identifying quick wins and prioritising solutions for the longer run.
Data Strategy
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Data Discovery

Do you know your data?

Our data discovery solutions help you to build your data-driven journey bottom-up always keeping the end goal in mind. You have a business goal and you want to solve the riddle with the data that you have available. The first challenge you’ll probably face is knowing which data you have available, what is missing, where is it stored and how all these sources are linked. We help you find your way back through the maze.

  • We start from your business goal.
  • We identify the data you need to solve your question.
  • We explore your data architecture.
  • We design your data map and flows and indicate missing links or elements.
  • We advice you on adequate solutions to clean or enrich your data and integrate or connect your sources all taking into account your technical reality.
Data Discovery
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Data Quality

Quality boosters: your data on steroids.

Data quality and data trust, two concepts that haunt countless businesses day and night. Would you build your house if you knew that your foundations were rotten? Probably not… For data-driven solutions it is the same issue. If you want to build solutions up from the foundations, you need to make sure that these are of high quality and can be trusted.

  • We assess your current data quality based on the six core dimensions (completeness, uniqueness, timelessness, validity, accuracy, consistency).
  • We define the data quality goals (agreeing on KPI’s & metrics) and set-up the dashboard to keep track during and after the quality booster project.
  • We define the DQF (data quality framework) together with you.
  • We implement the framework within your organization.
Data Quality
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Data Integration

Stir it, shake it, blend it, we prepare the correctly balanced data set.

Building data-driven solutions often comes with the challenge of blending your sources correctly. DWH, data lakes, MDM, data pipelines, api’s, cloud storage, on-premises, … what is the solution you need to build your data-driven solution on? Like all successful DJs you would want to hit a perfect set, HighMind and its partners mix the perfect data set for you to build your solution on, tailored to the best possible fit with your current architecture.

  • We determine the data set you need to build your solution.
  • We analyse where and how this data is stored today and investigate your technical landscape.
  • We advice you on the best technical fit, we keep the end goal in mind and make sure that the solution will be future proof.
  • We design, build and implement the solution.
  • We train your staff on how to keep the solution up and running and hand it over once your are confident you can make it on your own.
Data Integration
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Advanced Analytics

Analyse your business in the past, the present and the future

Your data can tell you what happened, why it happened, what will happen and it can even predict the future. Our advanced analytics solutions will analyse your data with the adequate solution, ranging from one-time ad hoc analysis based on statistical methods, to advanced artificial intelligence applications. Going one step further, we will design the advanced analytics solution that can integrate seamlessly into your applications.

  • We start from your business goal and define the necessary data set to feed your descriptive, predictive or prescriptive solutions.
  • If necessary, we make sure you build your solution on a clean, integrated data set.
  • We select the right technology to support your question without losing sight of your technical set-up.
  • We design, build and implement your analytics solution.
  • We can provide you with the required dashboarding solution to keep track of the performance of the solution.
Advanced Analytics
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Navigational maps to stay on course.

Any good captain does not start his journey without a navigational map. Although the route may not be exact, he has some anchor points he can refer to, to check that he is still on course towards his end goal. Running a successful company is not different. Before you start any project, you need to mark your end goal. To make sure you stay on the right track you define measure points and performance indicators, so you need to set-up the right KPIs and metrics. Reports and dashboards allow you to follow-up on your current status or provide you with the necessary insights to adapt your course.

We draw your data navigation map:

  • We define KPIs and metrics you need to steer your business.
  • We set the measure points.
  • We build the reports and dashboarding in the tools that are best fitted for the purpose.
  • We show the navigational tricks to your employees.
  • You’re good to sail off yourself and will always have HighMind on call when you get lost.
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Data Governance

Set the rules of the data game

When you speak about data-driven solutions, you speak about data governance. Your solution will only remain sustainable for the long run if you have set the game rules. Before you play a game, the rules must be clear and someone should be watching over it that these are followed. HighMind can develop your data governance model that has the right balance between the offensive and defensive approach and adapt the model according to the different business purposes.

We help you set the rules of the game:

  • We prioritise the business areas where improved data governance will bring the most immediate benefit.
  • Build the team: we create roles, responsibilities and rules.
  • We define the data maintenance requirements.
  • We define the monitoring model.
  • Run, test, adapt.
  • Once the first business areas are up-and running, we can role out to the rest of the organisation.
Data Governance
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