HighMind is part of the Quanteus Group and combines advanced Data and AI/ML expertise with deep industry and functional knowledge in all business domains.

HighMind was born out of a belief that every company should incorporate data to the fullest into its strategic reflections and day-to-day operations.

An appropriate data approach not only allows to (re-) act sooner and predict & influence outcomes, it also helps to achieve competitive advantage, increase efficiencies and ultimately make better decisions.

At Highmind we strive to help our clients achieve their full data-potential.

Advisory Services

Some examples of areas in which we can support you:

Crafting data strategies

Build models and algorithms

using existing and next generation tools & technologies.

Leverage data analytics and visualization

Combine data sets

set-up data quality audits,map & cluster data.

Project Sourcing Services

We provide temporary support that can be injected in your team. We have temporary data analysts, data scientist, data architects, data engineers and data project managers to help bridge temporary needs and to inject knowledge.

Our Services

We offer advisory services and operational support spanning from strategy design to build and implement solutions at the client side.

Your point of contact
Elke Horrix

Elke Horrix


Prior to co-founding HighMind, Elke headed the data department at The House of Marketing. Previously, she held several positions in specialized data environments.

Prior to shifting to a consulting role, she worked at customer side and experienced first hand how to come to successful data-driven solutions. She is a recognized leader in her field tackling issues head-on.


Joining strengths with the right partner for the right solution.

Each of our partners has been chosen based on a common believe that data-driven solutions do not come in a plug & play box. Together with our partners we can find the solution that fits your needs and has a technical solid foundation that can be integrated in your architecture.

We are a value driven company and adhere to the Quanteus Group Values.





We require impeccable behavior and integrity in everything we do.

No subordination

Opinions and recommendations are developed based on analysis and teamwork, not on the basis of subordination.

Stakeholder value

To create long term shareholder value we adhere to the principle of win-win relationships with the key stakeholders involved in our ventures: employees, clients, investors, banks and other key suppliers.


We are passionate about business transformation, helping clients to realize true impact on profitable growth and transformation, for being part of the Quanteus Group and contributing to its development.


We perform our tasks and functions in an objective and independent manner. We are not bound by other interests, we do Not withhold unwelcome facts,
nor do we provide conclusions or recommendations to preserve a relationship or further our business. We value the independence and freedom of our business. We value the independence and freedom of our professionals.


We treat all people with respect, regardless of background, race, gender, religion or position. We give and ask respect to and from clients, colleagues and our other stakeholders.


We value entrepreneurial thinking and acting as the best way to create stakeholder value.