We design solutions that start from your business goals and are built-up from your technical reality.

HighMind is there for expert advice, integrated solutions or ad-hoc operational support. We can help you at each step of your road to full data maturity.

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Luc Machiels

Luc Machiels


Luc is an accomplished business leader with a knack for turning strategies into actions and results. He has a track record of achievements at the highest level both in business and in developing and implementing state-of-the-art technologies. Luc transforms businesses into data centric organisations —

defining data strategies and designing and executing data management or governance programs. He has advised companies in various sectors in their deployment of a diverse range of data use cases. Luc is an engineer with a Ph.D. in applied mathematics. He is an expert in distributed computing technologies and the recipient of several awards for the design of new computational methods.

Amaia Lasa

Amaia Lasa


Amaia has more than 20 years of experience across a broad range of technical consulting, operational, management and C level roles. Amaia has a proven record guiding and leading teams, designing and delivering digital services and platforms. Amaia has held executive and management positions with tech

start-ups in social media marketing platform (Attentio), innovative sport services platform (Seaters), and a leading CRM and data service provider (Bisnode). She has held management roles in European headquarters at Fortune 500 companies such as FedEx and Toyota. Amaia is also Vice-chair of I-COM for Belgium and the Netherlands, a Global association helping its members establish and leverage competitive advantage through data. She has participated as data start up competition juror and mentored data hackathon teams for several years.


We are the glue between business goals and technical reality.

We design solutions that start from your business goals and are built-up from your technical reality.

We keep in mind that the road to your data-driven future should always keep the right balance between technical innovation and strategic aspiration. A data-driven solution designed and built by HighMind will guarantee a balanced focus on both tech and business.


Four differentiating enablers

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Our knowledge is built on a solid team of data specialists ready to provide you expert advice and operational support. From data strategy design to the creation and implementation of tailored advance artificial intelligence solutions, we have proven data expertise relying on business knowledge and technical know-how.
Our data experts know how data-driven solutions can obtain significant business value and competitive advantage for our customers.

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The Quanteus

For every business challenge, our colleagues within the Quanteus Group, can bring the necessary in-depth expertise if required (e.g. strategic marketing, digital marketing, digital transformation, corporate finance, supply chain optimisation, …) This, combined with the HighMind knowledge of developing data-driven-solutions, brings the answers to your data-driven challenge in all functional domains.

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Joining strengths with the right partner for the right solution. Each of our partners has been chosen based on a common believe that data-driven solutions do not come in a plug & play box. Together with our partners we can find the solution that fits your needs and has a technical solid technical foundation that can be integrated in your architecture.

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The Iceberg

One mind alone does not come up with the best ideas, at HighMind we have adhered to our group’s iceberg principle.

Our consultants are always guided by a team of experienced experts. To deliver your solutions, we will always build a team that has a combined skill set to guarantee the perfect talent mix for your project.


We need HighMinds, we need you!

Our dream is to create, design and build the data-driven future of our customers. To do so, we need great minds to bring organizations to their their full data-driven potential.